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Harnessing creativity to tackle meaningful problems

Founded nearly a decade ago, Gnapi Technologies exemplifies matured excellence and innovation in geospatial and future tech development. We continue to grow steadily, consistently creating unique digital experiences for an ever-evolving world.

Our seasoned team, characterized by an in-depth understanding of digital aesthetics and superior technical acumen, employs a design thinking approach as one of the key elements of our way of working. This approach ensures we are empathetic to our users’ needs, resulting in the creation of profoundly immersive and user-friendly encounters. We are a trusted partner for all your digital technology optimization needs.

We Carry More Than Just Good Coding Skills

Core Values


Our passion for software development drives us to create innovative solutions that transform ideas into reality.


Delivering reliable and transparent solutions, always prioritizing the best interests of our clients.


Empowers us to adapt quickly to changing requirements, ensuring our solutions remain relevant and effective.


Drives us to explore new technologies and creative solutions, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.


Collaboration and collective problem-solving, leading to more robust and effective solutions.


Understanding and prioritizing the user's needs, creating solutions that truly resonate and serve their purpose.

The Story

History of Gnapi

In 2016, the concept of Gnapi was envisioned. The company was officially registered in August 2017 and initiated its first venture, "Gnapi Ride," which aimed to provide real-time, on-demand cab aggregation. This project operated in Chennai, India for four years until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gnapi's core strength lies in aligning with market needs, driven by the founders' focus on technology. Consequently, offices were established in Canada, US and India. Since then, Gnapi has evolved into an IT services company, primarily offering GIS consulting and custom application development services to its clients.


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